ABU DHABI GLOBAL MARKET (ADGM) – A more than unique Free Zone ideal for Fintech and Virtual Assets Activities

By Fulvio Magni
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Positioning itself as a destination of choice for virtual asset investors and in response to global demand from the industry, ADGM is the first jurisdiction in the world to introduce a comprehensive and bespoke regulatory framework for the regulation of spot virtual asset activities, including those undertaken by multilateral trading facilities, brokers, custodians, asset managers and other intermediaries.

ADGM is a leading jurisdiction worldwide for the regulation of virtual asset activities. Its comprehensive framework facilitates the operation of industry leading virtual asset players in a business-friendly environment. The regulatory framework addresses the full range of associated risks, including those relating to market abuse and financial crime, consumer protection, technology governance, custody and exchange operations. Amongst the many truly unique aspects of ADGM’s Virtual Asset framework, the provisions relating to market abuse and transaction reporting obligations apply.

Responsible virtual asset players are seeking a regulatory regime like ADGM’s which upholds high standards and fosters market confidence. The spot virtual asset framework regulates virtual asset intermediaries, including custodians, brokers, asset managers and advisors, similar to their conventional counterparts with a particular focus on the risks relating to financial crime, consumer protection, technology governance and custody arrangements, where applicable.

Why set up your Virtual Assets business in ADGM?

Comprehensive virtual regulatory framework

ADGM is the world’s first jurisdiction to develop a comprehensive virtual regulatory framework making it a leading global destination for Fintech and Virtual Asset Activities.

Familiar regulatory standards

ADGM is the first jurisdiction globally to apply regulatory standards similar to those applicable to traditional markets.

Rule of law

A strong rule of law through the direct application of English common law, strong judiciary, speed of judgment facilitated by world’s first e-Courts, seat of arbitration, and a strong system of enforceability of judgments providing legal certainty and comfort for transactions undertaken in its market.

Tax efficient

ADGM is a tax friendly environment, with 0% direct tax and access to the UAE’s extensive double tax treaties.

Progressive ecosystem

ADGM prides itself on being a progressive regulator open to the use of new technologies and innovation.

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